Terms and conditions

Payment conditions

Payment conditions

    All prices, presented in Catalogue are net prices.

  1. All prices, presented in Catalogue, also before logging in, include 10% discount.

  2. Each new registered Customer receives 10% of discount, assigned to the account (that discount may increase due to price negotiation function, i.e. determination of individual price offer).

  3. Payments for purchased products are realized as cash on delivery or prepayment upon the basis of pro forma invoice.

  4. In special cases we reserve the right to refuse the realization of order, which raises doubts regarding the customer reliability.

Delivery conditions

Delivery conditions

The TechBase Sp. z o. o. company premises and warehouse are located in Gdańsk.
  1. The warehouse resources are continuously replenished for the possibly shortest delivery time of ordered devices.

  2. Deliveries are sent through the GLS messenger company as standard service (delivery time depends on shipping adress).

  3. The sent products are well protected against any damages during transport.

  4. After order placement customer receives information about shipping date, payment amount on delivery (if such payment method is selected) and consignment note number.

  5. On customer’s demand we may send products through the indicated messenger company – during order placement select the following option: “Messenger shipment upon the basis of Customer’s contract”.

    Moreover, enter the messenger company name and contract number in the form. In such case all shipping and insurance costs are covered by the Customer.

  6. Products delivery to the European Union countries is realized upon the price list and regulations of UPS or GLS companies, depending on Customer’s selection (shipping cost is added to the invoice).

    On Customer’s demand we may send products through indicated messenger company. All shipping and insurance costs are then covered by the Customer.

  7. When products are transported outside the European Union, delivery is realized only at orderer’s expense (EXW).



The warranty period for all product of the catalogue is 12 months (that is, the warranty period for non-consumable products), with that the possibility for individual establishment of a different warranty period of specific products with Clients is reserved and will require prior and clear confirmation by the Seller in the form of a separate contract, in writing in order to maintain validity.

The purchaser is obliged to become familiar with general warranty conditions (GWC), instruction manual, safety manual and all other documents, attached to the product.

If the Buyer does not notify the Seller of any reservations pertaining to the above Documentation, including its incompleteness, within a deadline of 3 (three) days from the date of delivery (issue) of the purchased product, then it is considered that the Seller has supplied correct and complete Documentation with the purchased product. The notification referred to in the previous sentence requires written or e-mail form under rigor of invalidity, with the e-mail sent to the Seller's e-mail address, indicated on his www page for contact with him.

In light of the fact that the General Terms of Warranty are available on the internet site of the Seller, and in accordance with the above, the Buyer is obliged to become familiar with them, then directing an inquiry pertaining to purchase of the products offered by the Seller (or a similar statement) will, in consequence, be synonymous with the Buyer’s confirmation that he has become familiar with the General Terms of Warranty (GTW), has no reservations directed towards these terms and thus, accepts all responsibilities resulting from them, in light of which the GTW will constitute an integral part of the contract signed by the sides.
Service requests should be made by the technical support portal TechBase Support Portal ( immediately after identifying malfunction.

Learn how to add a service request


Damages during transport

The purchaser has the right to refuse acceptance of product damaged during transport, i.e. when the product package is damaged.

If the package mechanical damage has been noticed, it is necessary to perform detailed inspection of product in messenger presence and to prepare the appropriate damages report.

All shipments sent by our company are insured, and the whole responsibility for transport damages is born exclusively by the carrier. Upon the basis of damages report (after examination by the carrier) the Customer will receive new, fully operational product.

Mechanical damages

Mechanical damages of devices, which are difficult to find during the shipment acceptance, should be reported to Customer Service Department immediately after disclosing, i.e. in maximum 7 days from the shipment arrival.

Later complaints for mechanical damages of purchased products will not be taken into consideration.
We recommend to pay attention even for relatively small packages damages, because after taking over the shipment from the carrier the purchaser must prove the damage.

Warranty for the product expires:

  • if product is damaged during transport (carrier bears full responsibility)

  • due to mechanical damages

  • due to start-up, operation and storage inconsistent with the manual

  • if product is damaged due to external conditions or excessive load

  • if protective seals are broken
When the complaint is unjustified (see above), service point will charge the Customer for damage repair. The purchaser is obliged to cover these costs in assigned time.

General Terms and Conditions of Sale


It is hereby stated, that all confirmations/statements directed by the Buyer to the Seller pertaining to the will to purchase specific products offered by the Seller, independently of form (or another statement with a similar character, leading towards or resulting in the signing of a sales contract or other similar contract), will in effect be tantamount to the Buyer’s confirmation that:

  1. all significant circumstances and information for the correct execution of the above activities and correct execution of the responsibilities resulting from them (including those included on the Seller's internet site) are known to him, including information pertaining to the rights and responsibilities of the Seller and Buyer, and that the Buyer has no reservations to any of this information, in relation to which he assumes the responsibility to their unconditional observance;

  2. all activities undertaken by him (the Buyer) in relation to the purchase of products offered by the Seller, including the signing of the appropriate contract in this scope, have been accomplished by the Buyer, acting within the framework of his business activity and in relation to it (as an entrepreneur), and that he is, in this scope, appropriately bound to legally correct contraction of all responsibilities resulting from this;

  3. On the principle of exclusivity, the Buyer takes full responsibility for the actions or abandonments of: persons representing him in contact with the Seller or persons arbitrarily employed by the Buyer in this scope, such as for actions and/or own abandonments, with the reservation of par. 2;

  4. issuance of the product to the Buyer is also to be understood as delivery of the product to the location indicated by the Buyer or its issuance to the person indicated by the Buyer;

  5. in the case of a lack of unequivocal confirmation (or exclusion), by the Seller, of specific circumstances or information related to matters related to the purchase of products offered by the Seller (including technical parameters, properties, functions, or purpose of these products or their subunits/elements), especially information pertaining to rights and responsibilities of the sides of the sales contract or a similar contract, it is considered that this information has not been confirmed (or excluded),

  6. a lack of a response from the Buyer within a deadline of 3 (three) days from the day of the arrival to him of information on a position, offer, or other statement of the Seller enabling him to become acquainted with its content, will be tantamount in its consequences to the Buyer accepting this information without any reservations.


It is hereby accordingly confirmed, that as of the time of the Buyer receiving Information sent to him by the Seller via e-mail (in such a way that enables one to become acquainted with its content) constituting a confirmation (response) to the demand/order/inquiry reported to the Seller by the Buyer, independently of its form, including indication of the terms of the sales contract (or similar contract) for products offered by the Seller as negotiated by the sides, including significant stipulations for the correct execution of rights and responsibilities of the sides of such a contract, such as, in particular, specification of the object of the contract, the price of sale (contractual remuneration of the Seller) and the deadline and/or location of delivery (issue) or reception of the object of the contract, a sales contract (or other contract) is signed for the specified products under the terms established for the given contract, as referred to above, hereinafter referred to as the Terms of Transaction (TT), that:

  1. have precedence over the so-called General Terms of Sale, which are to be understood as the entirety of information having significance for legal actions related to the purchase of products offered by the Seller, found on the Seller's internet site, or arise from other statements of the Seller than those constituting the information referred to above.

  2. remain binding for the sides of the contract until the time of their change, which requires the submission of clear statements of permission by the appropriately empowered representatives of the sides for validity.

General terms and conditions - part 2

  1. All prices are shown without VAT tax.
  2. We grant 10% general discount in cases of online ordering, cash on delivery or PI based payments.
  3. The prices presented in online Product Catalog include 10% general discount for online ordering. When a client logs in, the prices presented include additional discounts for the individual client.
  4. In case of payments with a prolonged term of payment, we do not grant any discounts.
  5. After the third order, we grant to our clients a 14 days term of payment.
  6. The contractors ordering for the first time and choosing the prolonged term of payment must be positively verified by our personnel before confirming the ordering.
  7. The maximum value of an online order is 2500 EUR (excluding discounts). Every order of a higher value in individually considered by our personnel.
  8. In special cases we reserve the right to turn down an order of a client whose credibility arises doubts.
  9. Cash on delivery orders are carried out exclusively by the GLS or DPD shipping company. The shipping is then insured for the full value of the sent goods.
  10. The cost of cash on delivery shipping is 6 Euro for Poland territory and will individually charged for other countries during the order confirmation process.
  11. On request of the client, we can send the products with a different shipping company. In such case the client pays the full costs of shipping and insurance.
  12. For the devices available in the warehouse, the delivery terms are the following:
    • If the order/payment is carried out until 12:00 on a given day, we send the products on the same day.
    • Otherwise, the shipping is carried out on the following working day.
    • If the devices ordered are not available in our warehouse, the standard term of delivery is 7-21 working days from the moment of the acceptance of the order.
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